Located in Toronto, Canada, the Hockey Hall of Fame works hard to collect, preserve, and display the best artifacts and memorabilia that the sport of ice hockey has to offer. Visitors can make lifetime memories and take photos with life-size displays of their favorite players, see and interact with a large variety of memorabilia, learn more about the sport and its players, and even get up close to ice hockey’s greatest prize -the Stanley Cup.

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The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded on September 10, 1943 by man known as the “Father of Hockey”, James T. Sutherland, however, due to extremely high costs, the actual building itself was not opened until August 26, 1961.

The first home of the Hockey Hall of Fame was located at the Canadian National Exhibition. During its first year, the Hockey Hall of Fame drew more than 750,000 visitors, proving that its opening as in high-demand and the facility was already rapidly outgrowing its first home.

The Hockey Hall of Fame moved to its spectacular new state-of-the-art facility at Brookfield Place in the downtown Toronto area in June 1993. Since then, there have been lots of revitalizations and expansions, making the Hockey Hall of Fame a truly beautiful and exciting place to visit for ice hockey lovers of any age – in fact, there are more than half a million visitors to the Hall of Fame each year.

Baseball Gray Stitched Collection Diamondbacks Goldschmidt 44 Flexbase Jersey Paul Exhibits:

Entrance Foyer Displays: As visitors enter the Hockey Hall of Fame, a nine-foot tall statue of Gordy Howe (aka “Mr. Hockey”) welcomes them to museum which houses all of hockey’s most precious memorabilia throughout more than 60,000 square-feet. The entrance foyer is filled with the museum’s newest acquisitions and the gear of some hockey’s most honored players.

Honda NHL Zone: This exhibit contains a large display which aims to celebrate 100 years of NHL hockey, as well as an original minute book which details the behind-the-scenes stories of NHL hockey’s founders. There is a section dedicated to the NHL’s panel-appointed 100 greatest players, a current highlights section, the retro area where franchise histories are on display, and even the Stanley Cup championship ring display.

Canadiens Dressing Room: This exhibit is a life-size replica of the Montreal Canadiens locker room in the Montreal Forum. Full rosters from the 23 years that the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup are listed on the walls and a variety of equipment and gear from retired players are as on display.

Via Rail Stanley Cup Dynasties: Certain NHL hockey teams have experienced sections of time where they dominated the sport – winning multiple Stanley Cups in close periods. Currently, there are nine team dynasties on display.

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TSN Theatre: This exhibit features an original film – Stanley’s Game Seven – about some of the most exciting Stanley Cup finals ever played.

Scotiabank Hometown Hockey: This exhibit is a representation of how NHL Ice Hockey spread to small towns in North America – aka “grass roots hockey”.

NHLPA Game Time: This interactive exhibit puts visitors right in the action! They can experience what it’s like to participate in a shootout or have sponge pucks shot at them by some of the greats.

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TSN/RDS Broadcast Zone: This exhibit is also interactive and allows visitors to experience what it’s like to be a broadcaster for an NHL hockey game.

EA Sports NHL15 / PS4 Game Kiosks: This exhibit allows visitors to test out the video games that represent the NHL including the EA sports NHL Zone.

Shoot for a Cure Slapshot Trivia: A large variety of trivia questions, ranging from easy pop culture to extremely difficult, await any hockey fan who wants to test their knowledge.

Upper Deck Collectors' Corner: This exhibit highlights some of the fantastic collections of super hockey fans around the world.

Tim Hortons Theatre: This exhibit has 120 seats available so visitors can watch archival films on a large screen. There are also two showcase displays featuring Tim Horton himself.

Tissot World of Hockey: This is the largest exhibit at the Hockey Hall of Fae and includes a large amount of artifacts, collectables, and media from more than 74 different countries around the world.

Esso Great Hall & NHL Trophies: This exhibit displays all major NHL trophies including the coveted Stanley Cup. Visitors can take their photo with the most important trophy in NHL history.

Spirit of Hockey Retail Store: Visitors can pick up a souvenir of their favorite team at this fully stocked retail store.

Additional Information:

Baseball Gray Stitched Collection Diamondbacks Goldschmidt 44 Flexbase Jersey Paul Hockey Hall of Fame, 30 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1X8, Canada, Phone: 416-360-7765

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